“It’s not your turn, dear.”

To be fair, the “dear” is generally implied these days, not spoken, but it is definitely there. It’s a part of the diminishment of women, particularly women of color, by party elders. Because the notion is, eventually, they will tell you when it is your turn. We call B.S. For the umpteenth time today, a …

Why it’s crucial to have a candidate in every race: Tracye Polson edition

Florida Democrats* are notoriously unconcerned about filling the down-ballot with qualified candidates. Indeed, some Dem leaders (cough–Gary Farmer) are famous for discouraging new candidates from “pissing off” Republican incumbents. In 2018 and 2020, lots of folks ran in state and local races, despite having been actively discouraged or simply ignored by the state party. Very …


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