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Because 2022 will be an election impacted by re-districting that has yet to commence, the rules for qualifying by petition in Florida are quite different than they were in 2020 and will likely be in 2024. The number of petitions required is much lower (2500ish as opposed to over 8,000 for a Congressional seat).

Also, any registered Florida voter can sign any petition, since who knows where the lines will be? So, we can really help candidates by signing their petitions, saving them a hefty fee, and demonstrating their viability. We will be adding more as we talk to more candidates, so check back.

Why does it cost so much to file to run for office in Florida, you may be asking yourself. Well, if you refuse to tax, say, income, you have to balance your State’s budget through fines and fees. In FL CD 20, which is having a special election in November to replace Civil Rights Icon Alcee Hastings, who died in April, there are 26 humans filed to run–at $10,440 a pop, that’s some real money. Does it suppress candidates who aren’t professionals or business owners? You bet it does, and that’s probably part of the point too.

Anyway, we can all be helpful by printing, signing and sending these petitions–all in the same envelope if you wish. Once you download a petition, you can fill in most of the fields online. Then print, date, sign and send.

Once you print and fill in the information, petitions should be mailed to:

Department of State, Division of Elections
Bureau of Election Records
R.A. Gray Building, Room 316
500 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250

First up: Corinna Balderramos Robinson, who is running in FL CD 18 against incumbent #BrianMaskhole, who said the $500 fine he incurred for failing to wear a mask on the floor of Congress was “the best $500” he ever spent.

And here is the Spanish version of Corinna’s petition:

Next up, Dr. Cindy Banyai, who is running against this guy, Congressman Byron Donald of FL CD 19, who was caught in a “My Pillow Guy” selfie on the White House Lawn on 1.6.21.

Cindy’s petition en EspaƱol

Just posted, English and Spanish petitions for Danielle Hawk, who has stepped up to take on Kat Cammack in FL CD 3. Cammack was the top aide to Rep. Ted Yoho (the dude who called AOC a “F**king bitch on the steps of the Capitol). She sells herself as “pro-gun, pro-life and pro-wall.” Danielle’s issues are affordable health care, support for rural communities, universal basic income and support for higher education. Danielle’s petitions in English and Spanish follow:

We’ve now got petitions for Kim Walker, an 8-year Army veteran who has a degree in Technology Management and who is running against Gus Biliraikis in FL CD 12. She took him on in 2018, and is ready to once again try to turn this district Blue. She is the only candidate we are aware of who is accepting donations in cryptocurrency. Check out her website at


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