The Most Shocking Thing About the Matt Gaetz Scandal

Whatever the full scope of the tsunami that is (or perhaps isn’t, see below) about to engulf the 38-year-old Congressman from Pensacola, the most shocking thing about it is that, aside from possibly his own mother, literally no one is shocked, or even mildly surprised. Twitter was awash this week with pundits, staffers and just plain folks who knew that this scion of panhandle royalty has a serious drug habit, a lack of self control when it comes to underage sexcapades (A/K/A rape), and the sharing of photos of same, including on the floor of the Florida State House. Just …

Voter Suppression via Voter ID–Georgia Style

Lots of attention is being paid to the anticipated takeover of the Fulton County Supervisor of Elections by the Georgia State Republican Party and the inexcusable ban on providing water and food to voters who are waiting for hours to vote (can’t wait to hear how the white Evangelical pastors try to explain that one), that there is little chatter out there about the Voter ID provision, and what little we have seen is that “it’s really not so bad–everybody as to produce an ID, right?” And because the Florida Legislature is hanging back, talking about DeSantis’ “You Can Drive …

The Florida Vaccine Hunger Games, Brought to you by Ron DeSantis

At exactly the moment when President Biden was announcing that his administration was going to prioritize teachers a few weeks ago and I was tweeting that it was a great decision, and I could stay at home for another month–I got a text from the Mayo Clinic that I was eligible for a vaccination on March 6. I checked with the spousal unit; he had not received a corollary text. But all the advice we have seen is aligned: when it’s your turn, just go. So I made the appointment and had my first shot on the 6th. But it …

The Governor that Keeps on Giving. Again and Again

Have we mentioned that Florida is exhausting? Probably. But what are we supposed to do, throw up our hands and agree to be governed by these goons? So we push on. But Ron DeSantis’ disregard for the health of his constituents has become quite extraordinary to behold. A few minutes after the American Recovery Bill was passed, a “spokesperson” for Governor DeSantis, who had been complaining since before it passed the Senate that Florida was not getting enough dough from a bill he would never have voted for when he was a Congressman, suggested to VOX, that Ron would not …


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