Val Demings has entered the chat, part 2

Day two of the Val Demings for Senate campaign saw Florida’s Junior Senator Rick Scott take the “no accomplishments” critique to VP Kamala Harris for no discernible reason, and a number of endorsements for Demings. She also took a tough but measured tone while questioning FBI Director Chris Wray, who under questioning from her called the January 6 insurrection “a successful attack.” Meanwhile, Senator Rubio took the stance that the attacks on Dr. Tony Fauci were justified. Lying by omission (also projecting) is likely to become Theme 4 of Rubio’s responses during this campaign. One of the things he neglected …

Congresswoman Val Demings has entered the chat, Part 1 of likely many

After teasing it for several weeks, Congresswoman Val Demings today officially entered the race against the Senior Senator from Florida. Senator Rubio responded with an “impromptu” but highly scripted video rant, setting out his attack lines against Cong. Demings. Very familiar stuff and entirely without merit, prompting the Demings campaign account to react with the photo above. Theme 1: She’s far left, out of the mainstream. He went so far as to call her a socialist on Fox. Here’s the truth: Demings is a lifelong public servant, having spent most of her career in law enforcement and served as the …

The “Pride” of Florida. Or maybe not.

If anyone was confused by our Governor’s legislative priorities in 2020, trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps, maybe hoping for the best? He shredded all of that potential goodwill in two days in June. On June 1st, the start of Pride Month, he stood behind a podium at Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, a charter school with a troubling past, and executed his signature bill that bans transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports in high school and college. As many have pointed out, TCA itself is exempt from this law, and from most forms of …

Congresswoman Val Demings is in the race for Marco Rubio’s Senate Seat

This is unofficial news, but fairly well-sourced. We thought she was going to make a bid for Governor, but we trust her and her team to identify the race she has the best chance of winning. Because winning is everything. There are, and may be, other candidates in this race who would match up with our policy agenda (, but there are no others in this race who are known to us, on the record about their policy positions, and ready to lead on Day One. Cong. Demings is all of that and more: both Black and Blue and ready …


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