Sine Die indeed. Crawl back to your man-caves, please.

We hereby vow that, until the institution of the Florida State Legislature is re-balanced, we will never again suggest that the legislature of the third-largest state should spend more than 90 days per year (one month of committee meetings, two months of session) in Tallahassee. What they accomplished in 60 days of legislating will take years of civil rights lawsuits to unwind. State Rep. Anna Eskamani’s twin sister, and also a force in Tally, Ida Eskamani, summed it up nicely: All of this is bad, but the cutback in affordable housing, the failure to raise our miserable unemployment insurance maximum, …

Sometimes, Twitter is good at irony. Today was one of those days in Florida.

The 60 day Florida legislative session is winding down. It’s not truly over until the Governor signs the budget and pronounces Sine Die, Latin for adjournment. I’ve been of two minds about this very short session for the country’s third most populous state. When the legislature adjourned last March and went home and hid in their man-caves and rejected, along straight party lines, every call for them to return for a special session to fix the intentionally broken unemployment insurance system, to create some kind of pandemic relief, and left the state to the tender mercies of our incompetent Statewide …

Dinner with a moderate Republican friend. Have we mentioned that Florida is exhausting?

We saw friends tonight who we have truly missed this last year; friends and neighbors for 10 years, bonded over common interests, mutual likes and dislikes. We knew we agreed about Trump, and disagreed about DeSantis when we parted. I kinda sorta thought we might come together and be in accord about both. I was wrong, but the conversation was respectful, as always. What, my friend asked, were my three issues with the Governor? (Only three?) House Bill 1. During a global pandemic, the Governor’s primary legislative goal was to criminalize protests and to give those who would drive through …

Turns out, it does matter that you run a candidate in every race.

The New York Times today confirmed what grassroots organizers have long known–running candidates in every seat up and down the ballot, whether they win or lose, can have consequences in other races. Beto O’Rourke narrowly (2.7%) lost his Senate race to amateur border patrol member Ted Cruz, but his coattails swept in 2 Members of Congress, 2 State Senators, 12 State House members, and at the county level helped to elect officials and a bunch of predominantly Black women judges. Also, he was handing out food when Ted was in Cancun, and is now a viable candidate for Governor. The …


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