Why it’s crucial to have a candidate in every race: Tracye Polson edition

Florida Democrats* are notoriously unconcerned about filling the down-ballot with qualified candidates. Indeed, some Dem leaders (cough–Gary Farmer) are famous for discouraging new candidates from “pissing off” Republican incumbents. In 2018 and 2020, lots of folks ran in state and local races, despite having been actively discouraged or simply ignored by the state party. Very few of them won that particular race, but every single one made an impact. There is ample evidence that, despite the “wisdom” of the Florida Dem elders, running someone in every race significantly amplifies voter turnout. In fact the New York Times ran a big …

The greatest single threat to Florida Families is the Florida State Legislature

WUFF PAC is a federal political action committee, so we can’t put our money where our mouth is in state elections, but we can point out that many members of the Florida Legislature are making unpleasant noises about a bunch of stuff. Just last week, Wilton Simpson, the President of the Florida Senate, announced that he was appointing “serious” State Rep. Cord Byrd to chair the committee that will be re-drawing the maps for 2022. To recap, Byrd is a self-styled “gun lawyer” and Trump Yacht Flotilla enthusiast, and so far from serious as to be laughable. Simpson, who is …

Looking for a way to help? Sign and send petitions to get great candidates qualified to run.

The Florida Division of Elections has recently published guidance regarding the filing fees and petition requirements to become a qualified candidate. If you’re new to this, a candidate can always just pay the fee, but Florida’s filing fees are the second highest in the nation (Arkansas’ are higher), so many prefer to qualify by petition. It’s also a great way to start to get the word out and engage with voters. The 2022 election cycle will be different from 202o and 2024. Every City, State and Federal district line gets re-drawn for 2022 based on US Census data that isn’t …

A Ray of Sunshine in FL CD 18–Corinna Balderramos Robinson to challenge Brian Mast.

Now that the 2nd Quarter FEC filings are in and mostly processed, new Congressional candidates will be emerging. The most exciting woman candidate we’ve heard about is Corinna Balderramos Robinson, who is getting ready to file to take on Brian Mast. Mast is in his third term “serving” a district that runs along the east coast of Florida from Port St. Lucie down to (but not including) West Palm Beach. He voted with the rest of the Kracken Caucus not to certify the results of a free and fair election. In June, he had this to say about a fine …


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