Why we need to run a candidate in every race: Donna Deegan edition

Jacksonville icon, investigative journalist, marathon runner, and 3X cancer survivor Donna Deegan has formally announced her candidacy to be the first woman mayor of Jacksonville, FL. This is hugely consequential for a City that has 37K more registered Democrats than Republicans, but has suffered through 8 years of being “governed” by a ruling minority. Donna is well positioned to win this race, in part because of her biography and name recognition–she anchored the evening news in Jacksonville for 20 years, and went on to create a successful foundation devoted to breast cancer research and providing services for patients and their …

“It’s not your turn, dear.”

To be fair, the “dear” is generally implied these days, not spoken, but it is definitely there. It’s a part of the diminishment of women, particularly women of color, by party elders. Because the notion is, eventually, they will tell you when it is your turn. We call B.S. For the umpteenth time today, a smart, qualified woman, in this case an elected State House member, told us of being admonished by county party leaders for having political will and ambition, for wanting to serve in a majority in Congress instead of toiling away in the swamp that is Tallahassee, …

Why it’s crucial to have a candidate in every race: Tracye Polson edition

Florida Democrats* are notoriously unconcerned about filling the down-ballot with qualified candidates. Indeed, some Dem leaders (cough–Gary Farmer) are famous for discouraging new candidates from “pissing off” Republican incumbents. In 2018 and 2020, lots of folks ran in state and local races, despite having been actively discouraged or simply ignored by the state party. Very few of them won that particular race, but every single one made an impact. There is ample evidence that, despite the “wisdom” of the Florida Dem elders, running someone in every race significantly amplifies voter turnout. In fact the New York Times ran a big …

The greatest single threat to Florida Families is the Florida State Legislature

WUFF PAC is a federal political action committee, so we can’t put our money where our mouth is in state elections, but we can point out that many members of the Florida Legislature are making unpleasant noises about a bunch of stuff. Just last week, Wilton Simpson, the President of the Florida Senate, announced that he was appointing “serious” State Rep. Cord Byrd to chair the committee that will be re-drawing the maps for 2022. To recap, Byrd is a self-styled “gun lawyer” and Trump Yacht Flotilla enthusiast, and so far from serious as to be laughable. Simpson, who is …


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