Looking for a way to help? Sign and send petitions to get great candidates qualified to run.

The Florida Division of Elections has recently published guidance regarding the filing fees and petition requirements to become a qualified candidate. If you’re new to this, a candidate can always just pay the fee, but Florida’s filing fees are the second highest in the nation (Arkansas’ are higher), so many prefer to qualify by petition. It’s also a great way to start to get the word out and engage with voters.

The 2022 election cycle will be different from 202o and 2024. Every City, State and Federal district line gets re-drawn for 2022 based on US Census data that isn’t being made available until August 13. In Florida, this means that the State and Federal lines will not be drawn until the next legislative session, which means early 2022. But candidates need to get on with the business of running. So the following schedule of fees was published on the DOE website:

These are the standard fees, which are, as you can see, high enough to be suppressive of any candidate who does not have independent wealth, is a professional or a business owner. We’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating. What’s special for 2022 is that the number of petitions required for most offices has been dropped substantially.

The number of petitions for Senate and Governor is still quite high, but all others have been dropped. In 2020, a Congressional candidate needed 8,000 petitions. Only two candidates, Margaret Good and Donna Deegan managed to qualify by petition before the Covid-19 shutdown.

Most significantly, because the District lines are unknown, candidates can solicit signatures from any registered voter, of any party, anywhere in the state.

This means we can all help out candidates around the state, and up and down the ballot. We have started to collect petitions, which are on our Candidate Petitions page as pdfs which can be printed, signed and mailed. Visit https://wuffpac.org/candidate-petitions/ to see the first two petitions, for Dr. Cindy Banyai and Corinna Balderramos Robinson and check back often for others.

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