A Ray of Sunshine in FL CD 18–Corinna Balderramos Robinson to challenge Brian Mast.

Now that the 2nd Quarter FEC filings are in and mostly processed, new Congressional candidates will be emerging. The most exciting woman candidate we’ve heard about is Corinna Balderramos Robinson, who is getting ready to file to take on Brian Mast.

Mast is in his third term “serving” a district that runs along the east coast of Florida from Port St. Lucie down to (but not including) West Palm Beach. He voted with the rest of the Kracken Caucus not to certify the results of a free and fair election. In June, he had this to say about a fine that was imposed on him and others for refusing to wear a mask on the floor of Congress, according to MSNBC:

We’re pretty sure that Speaker Pelosi will figure out a way to dock his pay, so he doesn’t get the satisfaction of writing that check. This charming incident, which hasn’t aged particularly well if you live in the Delta virus hotbed that is Florida, caused someone (okay, it was us) to dub him Brian Maskhole. To our knowledge, there has been no second offense–his sense of victimhood and outrage tops out at 3 figures. This is honestly everything you need to know about the incumbent.

His challenger, Corinna Balderramos Robinson, who ran for State Senate against Senator Gayle Harrell in SD 25 in 2020, has had a fascinating career in the military and US Government, culminating in this:

  • “Led the Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection Directorate at the Pentagon, leading teams responsible for protecting high-risk personnel and safeguarding over 100 facilities”
  • This is one of 12 bullet points in her background that we would like to have a lengthy conversation with her about, including her time drafting legislation.
  • Check out her full CV on her campaign website: https://corinnaforflorida.us

It’s early days, and there may be others who file in this district to try to take down the Maskhole , but we feel confident in supporting Corinna for a couple of reasons:

  • She substantially out-performed her funding in her 2020 race against the wealthy and well-connected Senator Harrell, garnering 42% of the vote with a spend of just $30,000, which she raised in 6 months from 370 humans and a couple of Democratic caucus donations. Senator Harrell raised over $500K in hard money to fend her off. Corinna found 20K votes more than the previous guy who challenged Senator Harrell in 2018.
  • She was on record in that race about her positions on questions of importance to Florida Families. There is no better representation of her alignment with the WUFF PAC policy agenda than this:

We’re also impressed that she completed this survey from the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops knowing that her first answer on reproductive freedom would almost certainly be a deal-breaker.

If you can support Corinna’s campaign, we encourage you to jump to her website and do so. If you are able to max out ($2900 per cycle, $5800 for the primary and general), and still have some capacity to support her, you can do so on our Donate page: https://wuffpac.org

Watch this space for a link to a conversation with Corrina in the near future.

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