Val Demings has entered the chat, part 2

Day two of the Val Demings for Senate campaign saw Florida’s Junior Senator Rick Scott take the “no accomplishments” critique to VP Kamala Harris for no discernible reason, and a number of endorsements for Demings. She also took a tough but measured tone while questioning FBI Director Chris Wray, who under questioning from her called the January 6 insurrection “a successful attack.”

Meanwhile, Senator Rubio took the stance that the attacks on Dr. Tony Fauci were justified.

Lying by omission (also projecting) is likely to become Theme 4 of Rubio’s responses during this campaign. One of the things he neglected to mention in his first day attack on Demings as a “Do-nothing House member” is that his own record of missing Senate votes is among the worst in Congress.

An average member misses 2% of votes for one reason or another. Demings, from 2017-May 2021 missed 21 of 2,320 votes, or .9%; the only Florida Rep who missed fewer was former Congresswoman Donna Shalala. On the other hand, Senator Rubio’s record is, as noted above, among the worst in the State in 50 years, clocking in at 9.8%, or 10X the number of missed votes by Demings. Oops.

Theme 5 is the completely false notion that Demings favors “defund the police” the only term MAGA politicians like to hurl at their opponents more than”socialist.” As a former Chief of Police, she has taken the consistent position that communities of color do not want fewer police; they would like to be treated with more respect and less violence. The TV interview to which Rubio referred was a CBS News piece that came out after multiple members of the Minneapolis City Council said they would begin the process of phasing out the Minneapolis Police Department. Demings said in a CBS News interview that she believed “the council is being very thoughtful in terms of looking at all of the services that police provide,” understanding that some of those services could be handled by, for example, trained mental health counselors.

Theme 6: Look, it’s an hysterical woman! An all time favorite they still think they get to pull after subverting their party to the will of an hysterical narcissist. What Rubio specifically said was that during the pandemic Demings was “sitting back home. . .and hysterically predicting that we were going to have mass death if we did not keep our schools closed and our entire economy on lockdown.” No one who has spent 5 minutes (a pleasure we had when she toured Jacksonville ) with Val Demings believes she has ever been hysterical a moment in her life, and the photo of her that her team tweeted in response, which we led with in Part 1 is worth repeating

Here’s what the Congresswoman was actually doing during the pandemic:

  • She proposed a bill to compensate TSA pandemic workers (H.R. 6656 (116th): Coronavirus Workers’ Compensation for TSA Employees Act)
  • She continued her efforts to draw attention to the increased danger of natural disasters during the COVID-19 epidemic, joined with every Democratic Member of Congress from Florida in a letter to Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz.
  • Demings voted for the CARES Act to help American municipalities serve constituents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Demings responded to this charge: “Marco Rubio voted against stimulus checks, he voted against COVID relief for our schools and our small businesses,” Demings said. “And he voted against helping those on the frontlines, our first responders or teachers, our health care workers.” (Orlando Sentinel)

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