After teasing it for several weeks, Congresswoman Val Demings today officially entered the race against the Senior Senator from Florida. Senator Rubio responded with an “impromptu” but highly scripted video rant, setting out his attack lines against Cong. Demings. Very familiar stuff and entirely without merit, prompting the Demings campaign account to react with the photo above.

Theme 1: She’s far left, out of the mainstream. He went so far as to call her a socialist on Fox.

Here’s the truth:

  • Demings is a lifelong public servant, having spent most of her career in law enforcement and served as the Police Chief of Orlando, hardly a radical anything.
  • She and husband Jerry Demings, the mayor of Orange County (also a former PD Chief) ride Harleys in their spare time–it doesn’t prove anything, it just makes us smile.
  • In proposing 26 Bills from June 2017-present, Demings has gotten 223 unique members of Congress to co-sponsor 547 times, 14 Florida Republicans among them that include Rutherford, Mast, Yoho, Webster, Steube, Gaetz, Dunn, Buchanan, Biliraikis and in a previous iteration, Ron DeSantis. Hardly the crazy far-leftist Rubio conjures.

Theme 2: She has no legislative accomplishments to her name. This is pure foolishness, though it makes sense that Rubio has forgotten a couple:

  • She was the primary sponsor in the last session of H.R.1404, Vladimir Putin Transparency Act that was enacted during the last session of Congress.
  • She served as a very effective House Manager during the first Trump Impeachment Trial. It was her breakout moment on the National stage, and led to her being vetted to be Biden’s VP. Needless to say, Rubio voted to acquit TFG.
  • She serves as the Chair of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery.
  • She got her bills out of committee the 3rd most often compared to the Florida Delegation (which includes our two Senators), trailing only Rep. Deutch and former Rep. Shalala. (Thanks to a wonderful intern for unearthing this particular factoid).
  • Oh, and here’s today’s accomplishment:
Cong. Val Demings achievement of the day

Theme 3: This from a later Rubio tweet: Demings votes with the “Squad” 94% of the time, and with Nancy Pelosi all the time. None of this is a concern to us but if it was, let’s see who Rubio voted with, courtesy of @538politics:

It’s almost as if it’s fairly predictable that most members vote with their party most of the time.

There are several other lines of attack, which we’ll take up tomorrow, when we have a fund for Rep. Demings established on our website. Is it early to endorse? Totally. But early endorsements and donations are the lifeblood of a statewide campaign, and Congresswoman Demings is on the record from her 5 years in Congress with regard to her values and alignment with our policy agenda. Her high-profile entry into this race will inhibit other serious candidates from considering it. We look forward to supporting her for the next 18 months, helping her to build a durable war chest to take on this Bible-thumping back bench Senator.

To be clear, if you want to help, donate directly to the campaign first at

They know best where to deploy their resources–she has an incredible team. But if you max out ($5800 per human for the 2022 cycle) and still have some capacity, donate to WUFF PAC’S campaign for her. Also, if you live in a divided household, or work for a conservative organization and/or NPO, and can’t have your name affiliated with individual candidate, donating through WUFF PAC is a great way for you to participate in Democracy. Your name will be reported to the FEC, but not tied to any one candidate.

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