The “Pride” of Florida. Or maybe not.

If anyone was confused by our Governor’s legislative priorities in 2020, trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps, maybe hoping for the best? He shredded all of that potential goodwill in two days in June.

On June 1st, the start of Pride Month, he stood behind a podium at Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, a charter school with a troubling past, and executed his signature bill that bans transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports in high school and college. As many have pointed out, TCA itself is exempt from this law, and from most forms of oversight or regulation. (Cf. troubling past). Also, this is a solution in search of a problem. Professional women athletes have affirmed that there is no issue with trans women in sport.

As we have pointed out multiple times, the Governor is apparently unaware of the cottage business within the Florida hospitality industry of luring girls’ sports teams to Florida on their March breaks for a week or two of Spring Training. This will quickly become a thing of the past. As the parent of a 6′ tall female student-athlete, I would never willingly subject her to any scrutiny by Florida legislators or law enforcement. So along with the cruises Ron seems to be willing to forgo, add Spring Training. March is shaping up to be “Bring an evangelical to Florida–it’s nearly empty Month.”

Then, on Day 2, he wielded his veto pen to block, among other things, mental health care for the survivors of the Pulse mass shooting, something he promised several survivors in person he would never do.

Promises, shomises. There was also $800K in funding for the survivors of human trafficking that he vetoed. But what’s less than a mil among friends, amirite?

40% of his 2021 budget is federal dollars from bills he would never have voted for when he was in Congress. Now, he’s taking credit for them. This is all performative white supremacy, aimed at an audience of one, designed to rile up the base if it makes Fox “news”.

Florida deserves better.

Also on June 1, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried made an expected announcement that she would challenge DeSantis. His reply was one for the books.

The experience of being frozen out of every important meeting and then being accused of getting nothing done is so universal to working women, if there aren’t memes, there should be.

We’re not ready to endorse yet, but we are thrilled that @nikkifried is in the race.Things are looking up already.

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