The Most Shocking Thing About the Matt Gaetz Scandal

Whatever the full scope of the tsunami that is (or perhaps isn’t, see below) about to engulf the 38-year-old Congressman from Pensacola, the most shocking thing about it is that, aside from possibly his own mother, literally no one is shocked, or even mildly surprised. Twitter was awash this week with pundits, staffers and just plain folks who knew that this scion of panhandle royalty has a serious drug habit, a lack of self control when it comes to underage sexcapades (A/K/A rape), and the sharing of photos of same, including on the floor of the Florida State House. Just a sampling of messages of the “sorry, not sorry” variety:

Worst Party Ever

So this “It’s the Panhandle” apology is the worst hot take. If you are a local, you might reflect on the other locales that are given this treatment: Benghazi, other parts of the Jim Crow South, you get the drift.

Here’s the problem with this take: it’s exactly what happened with our last administration. There were so many unseemly rumors that were so unsuited for prime time, and the MSM couldn’t figure out how to report them, so these crimes didn’t come to light until Individuals 1-50 were ALREADY IN OFFICE. Please, @Danabash, figure it the hell out.

This worst kept secret, by people who normally can’t keep any damn secret.

TBH here’s the real heart-breaker @peterschorschFL, and the analogy to the College-admissions scandal:

Dad was rich, had so many connections, so much power– Kid was cool, played on all the right teams, always good for a quote. So we let his bullying of (fill in the many blanks) slide. And then we elected him Prom King, who could it hurt? SO sorry.

Everybody in Florida needs to do better. Every single one of us.

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