The Governor that Keeps on Giving. Again and Again

Have we mentioned that Florida is exhausting? Probably.

But what are we supposed to do, throw up our hands and agree to be governed by these goons? So we push on. But Ron DeSantis’ disregard for the health of his constituents has become quite extraordinary to behold.

A few minutes after the American Recovery Bill was passed, a “spokesperson” for Governor DeSantis, who had been complaining since before it passed the Senate that Florida was not getting enough dough from a bill he would never have voted for when he was a Congressman, suggested to VOX, that Ron would not deign to accept a mere $3.5 Billion (with a B) in funding to expand Medicaid.

Nobody much noticed it, what with the Non-plan plan of a vaccination roll out.

Of course this has led to confusion, vast disparities across the state, and waste.

It is worth noting that Edward Waters is an HBCU. So doses were being thrown away on a campus where Black faculty and students were walking around, ready to have a Fauci Ouchie. The State has denied this, but @Speed4Jax is known to us, and spent the rest of the day finding 65-year-olds to take to the site for vaccines, and he heard what he heard.

The FEMA sites are a whole other thing, at least in NE Florida. They are staffed by federal personnel who are trying to get shots in arms, regardless of the guidance, or lack thereof, of State officials. We know lots of folks who have walked in, some have been encouraged to tell a tale of being an educator, or a care-taker of an “aunt”, generally no questions are asked, and follow-up appointments are offered if the vaccine requires two doses. Why, you ask? Because they are operating seriously under-capacity. We see some version of this tweet on the daily:

So the vaccine roll-out is a jumbled mess, favoring the Governor’s donors above everyone else. Raise your hand if you think all Floridians will be eligible by May 1?

Finally, yesterday, the Governor confirmed what his Staffer said to Vox: even though he thinks Florida is being shorted in the American Rescue Plan, he won’t accept the $3.5 Billion on offer to expand Medicaid.

Why? Because once, in the distant past, that program was associated with the name of our first Black POTUS, and that is just a bridge too far.

Today, #GovernorDeathSentence hosted a Public Health Round Table, featuring Dr. Scott Atlas, the radiologist who was briefly and infamously a part of the Trump Administration. It went pretty predictably.

A Couple of Fact Checks here:

  • There was never, and we mean NEVER any attempt at any contact tracing in Florida
  • Masks have been shown by every competent medical/scientific authority to have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, and also to have prevented any significant outbreak of the common flu

None other than @NateMonroe, Jacksonville’s essential news columnist would like a word on the subject of Lockdowns:

Many Mayors who chose lockdowns and mask mandates likely have school age children who have to live with the choices they make. DeSantis, on the other hand, has toddlers who have been safely hidden away in the Governor’s Mansion for a year.

This man thinks he’s going to be re-elected in 2022 and run for President in 2024. Join WUFF PAC, start with a small monthly donation to help us build a following, let’s find someone to run against him to make sure that can’t possibly happen. We can’t survive another four years of #RonDeathSentence.

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