Our Theory of the Case: How We Move the Needle in 2022 and Beyond

We’re brand new at this

  • WUFF PAC was registered in late November 2020, and the website went live after we were clear of the 1.6.21 insurrection
  • Our Founder is still involved in a philanthropic network, so had to start fresh on social media
  • We have 145 followers on Twitter @wuff_pac and 72 unique subscribers to the website http://www.wuffpac.org It’s a process.
  • So please encourage your friends and relations to follow along, subscribe, maybe start with a small monthly donation.

But we’re absolutely convinced that it is possible and necessary to build a movement and community of women across Florida who care about electing women with a family first policy agenda.

The experience of our Board in both women’s philanthropy and policy across the state is that Florida women are engaged, generous and genuinely concerned about the direction that the ruling minority is taking us. Women’s movements have an incredible ability to disrupt entrenched power structures, and the Good Old Boy (GOB) network that rules Florida requires significant attention. We’re a couple of election cycles away from not having a public school system, for a start.

It may seem like early days to be evaluating 2022 Congressional and Senate candidates, but the Congressional re-elect comes at you very fast–there are already 25 candidates filed, as well as 6 for the Rubio Senate seat (none of whom is Rubio) and 10 candidates for Governor (none of whom is DeSantis)

We’ve started talking to potential candidates and their teams across the State, and though it is early to talk about endorsements, here’s how we’re starting to think about some of these courageous women candidates:

If you have run before, how did it go?

  • Did you, for example out-perform your funding or the Cook Rating for your District?
    • We had a blast talking to a woman who spent 14 weeks and $18K running in the reddest State Senate District in the state in 2020, and got 100K votes. The dude who beat her called her to congratulate her. And the dude she is considering taking on does stupid stuff on the national stage on the regular. Running against this Black woman will cause him to lose his damn mind.
    • Another first-time candidate for Congress in 2020 spent $2ooK versus $5M from her opponent, and she still got 50K more votes than the establishment Democrat who ran in the prior cycle. Her opponent was photographed on the White House lawn on 1.6.21, and her team is keeping close track of all of his votes. She’s pretty sure she’s going to contest the seat again.
    • Imagine what these strong women could do with some more institutional support (Note to the DCCC, Emily’s List, literally anybody!), a couple of hits on MSNBC, some progressive $ from around the country.
  • If you met some of those metrics, maybe if you announce earlier (like now through late May) and give your supporters more months to make those crucial recurring donations: you can get yourselves on TV for a couple of months, some billboards, some print. A campaign that doesn’t have to rely solely on social media just might get the job done.
  • You can also hold the incumbent to account for every dumb vote s/he is going to make over the next 2 years. Those tweets and ads write themselves. And our Florida Scorecard page is keeping track if you’re just jumping in.

If you’ve run more than once, are you performing better or worse over time?

  • This is a real tell-tale.
  • If you didn’t out-perform against a Trumpy dude in 2020 what you did in 2018, we may not be able to do much for you. You may just be a mis-match for your District on policy, or there may be another reason. Resources are not boundless, and we’d be wary of throwing them behind what may potentially be only a “moral victory.”

If you are running for higher office–Brava!– we’d like to hear that you have mentored someone who can hold your current seat.

  • There is great deal of energy around Congresswoman Val Demings running for Governor, and Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy running for Senate–and WUFF PAC could potentially support all of that. But our first question will be: okay, who is going to step up to hold your seat in Congress, which we cannot afford to lose?
    • To be clear, in 2020, we slipped from a 14-13 minority in our Congressional Delegation to 16-11
    • We cannot let it slide any further, and ideally should make up some ground.
    • The Demings Seat is demographically a good deal safer than the Murphy Seat, but neither is a slam-dunk, and the remapping will change things if the ruling minority in Tallahassee gets their way.
  • The significant number of local max-out donors for both Congresswomen will no doubt step up to support whoever agrees to run, and if those candidates are women, we can also solicit those donors to contribute to WUFF PAC so that we can provide additional funding.

If you are a newcomer, what is going to bring eyeballs and donors to your campaign?

  • Our Founder co-chaired finance for a first-time candidate Donna Deegan who brought a particular set of attributes and skills to the race for CD 4, so we are completely open to this, but you should be able to identify what makes you able to monetize your unique attributes and skills.
  • And if you are a newcomer and don’t have Donna’s 20-year history in broadcasting, we strongly suggest that you jump into your race ASAP. All you need is a bank account, a state and federal filing and a rudimentary website. You can build the rest as you go. But you will learn so much as you start doing events, even on Zoom. You’ll make mistakes, get caught flat-footed a couple of times, but you’ll get better at it by doing it dozens of times, and meet lovely humans along the way who will make the journey incredibly worthwhile.
  • And reach out to us, we’d love to talk to you, no matter the outcome.

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