Voter ID, Part 3 of many in a series on voter supression

Let’s start here: When only white people could vote, nobody thought folks needed Voter ID. Everyone showed up at their local precinct, and the volunteers there recognized them, or at least sort of. It was “close enough for government work”, right? But then other citizens were granted access, and who knows who the hell these people are?

So now we needed a system, rules, protocols, red tape, poll taxes. How many jellybeans are in the jar?  The whole deal. Looking back on it is as embarrassing as hell

  • Folks who don’t drive are required to get driver’s licenses or state ids
  • Once those rules are put in place, many states promptly start closing the offices at which said ids can be obtained so that those folks, who, again, don’t drive, or perhaps, don’t have access to cars, have to be hauled by relatives or transported by public means in rural areas to remote locations to wait for hours for an ID they need once every 2 years
  • All of this “process” to solve a problem that has been shown time and again to be a hoax: in person voter fraud
  • Any amount of “process” that causes you to throw your hands up and opt out is voter suppression.
  • And this brings us to the next big hoax:

Signature Matching. Let’s stipulate to a few things

  • Nobody at the county SOE’s offices is a handwriting expert. Literally, nobody.
  • At election time they bring in a bunch of even less expert volunteers to help out.
  • Individual’s signatures change over time.
  • It took years for my daughters to develop signatures that weren’t just them printing their names, so that they could have thinks like cash cards and checking accounts.
  •  My 92-year-old father can no longer sign a check on a touch screen—he just doesn’t have enough skin cells on his hands.  And his written signature is shaky as hell, it wouldn’t match any sample from more than a year ago.
  • Who are we kidding when we ask volunteers to match signatures of thousands of ballots in real time under pressure?
  • Again, this is a solution in search of a problem: no one has been found to be scamming the vote by mail system, or in-person voting in any state. Well okay, a couple of individuals in a few situations, but they are almost uniformly Republicans trying to vote for their dead parents.
  • Lots of SOEs are proceeding in good faith under a bad process and calling folks to “cure” their “bad” ballots. Good for them. But it’s still a mess.
  • Any amount of “process” that causes you to throw your hands up and opt out is voter suppression.

It’s a mess, intentionally so, and Florida Senate Bill 90 gives up the game. 2020 was a pretty seamless election, in which the Florida practice of pre-counting the VBM ballots meant we all knew by 9pm what the results were. It broke up a lot of otherwise great parties, honestly. If other states followed that practice, none of what we experienced through November until January 6 would have been possible, and they all knew it.  (The only kerfuffle was a Duval County Judge who sat on the three-person panel that looked at VBM ballots that could not be read by machines, who was found by a local journalist to have a yard littered with Trump signs, and to have made campaign donations, which is strictly forbidden to Judges and to those on election panels. As of this moment, he has yet to be disbarred.) If Florida Republicans thought they could win a fair fight, they wouldn’t be trying to change the rules. 

Next up: Redistricting.  They gerrymandered their way into this.  Please don’t be fooled into thinking they won’t try to gerrymander their way out of it

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