Voter Suppression in Florida Part 2: Vote by Mail

As we’ve said, voter suppression in Florida works in many ways, its wonders to behold–many of them contradictory. This is nowhere as true as with Vote by Mail (VBM), which has been available for every Florida voter, with no need for an excuse, since 2001. And to be really clear, VBM is the same thing as Absentee Voting, despite the protestations of a twice-impeached former POTUS. It works fine, and because these are hand-marked paper ballots, they are much less likely to be hacked than ballots fed into voting machines that are connected to the internet.  As the system is currently constituted, any Florida voter can log into their County’s Supervisor of Election (SOE) website, and with a few clicks register to receive every ballot by mail for two election full cycles,(four years)—municipal, county, federal, primary, general, runoff.  Easy peasy.

How it Started, How it’s Going

Hang tight, this gets a little confusing.

  • Vote by Mail for everyone was instituted because Florida has so many Snowbirds, and it was thought that their votes would favor—Ding! Ding! Ding!–the ruling minority.
  • But the primary is generally in August, which is when most of the Snowbirds have flown the coop, and in Florida, the SOE in your county won’t forward your VBM Ballot. They really didn’t think that one through. (Also, the August primary is Voter Suppression)
  • If you are sufficiently well-informed, you can go into your voter record on the SOE website for your county and change your address for the primary ballot to reflect your Summer address.  But then you have to remember to go back to the website when you return to Florida and change it back, or your ballot for the general election will go to your Summer perch.
  • Any amount of “process” that causes you to throw your hands up and opt out is voter suppression.
  • Most states simply allow the ballots to be forwarded like all of your other mail.

The Florida Legislature has entered the Chat

  • This is almost never good news, under the ruling minority
  • Senate Bill 90, which will be in Committee TODAY would require the SOE to sweep the VBM requests clean annually, and require Floridians to register to VBM annually.
  • Any amount of “process” that causes you to throw your hands up and opt out is voter suppression.
  • I would like all of you to join me in asking @Twittersupport to create a keyboard shortcut for the above bullet point.

If you would like to reach out to your State Senator:

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