Marco, Marco, Wherefore Art Thou?

I want to give our Senior Senator, Marco Rubio a little bit of credit. I think there was a moment in time when he had a soul, and a future in mind.  He has a wife who seems perfectly nice and probably 2.5 adorable children who she seems to keep out of the public eye. And there were a few weeks during the 2016 campaign when he said appropriate things about the menace that Trump would become.

But all this ultimately means that Rubio knew Trump was a snake when he let him in the room. And because of that, he richly deserves whatever comes next. If he can’t even vote to convict Trump of insurrection to distance himself from Ivanka, I fail to see what the point of him is. (Or of Rick Scott, but he’s a 2024 problem). Rubio might as well have gone to the White House on 1.6.21 and danced with Ivanka under the tent while the family celebrated the sacking of the Capitol on live TV.  It looks like he will face a primary challenge from Ivanka; we’re seeing bumper stickers in Jacksonville already.  And honestly, she couldn’t be any worse than he is in terms of representing the interests of Florida’s families. On the plus side, she’s probably easier for someone with a statewide following like, say, Val Demings, to beat like a drum. 

So, stay tuned, everybody. Anyone credible who wants to jump into this race should do so ASAP. Florida filing fees are crazy high (Fun Fact: only Arkansas levies higher wealth taxes on potential candidates for state and federal offices) and progressive candidates and causes who do not rely on corporate PAC $$ need to build war chests and power through small dollar monthly recurring donations, so the more months you have to build a bank, the better. WUFF PAC hopes to do so as well so that we can help with early funding for this important Senate race, and to elect more women to Florida Congressional seats, and provide other campaign infrastructure.

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